Conversations with Bennett #2

B: (Grinning) Dad, I’m going to marry you.

Me: Sorry Bennett, I’m already married.

B: Nope, I’m going to marry you.

Me: Why do you want to marry me?

B: Because, I like you!

Me: All right then, you break the news to Mom.

Conversations with Bennett #1

B: Look everyone, there is a giant baby in the front seat

Us: Where?

B:  That white car over there…  (Now laughing) I saw a giant baby in the front.

We look over and see a bald man, leaning his head against the window to take a nap.

Mr. Bennett

I snapped this photo of Bennett really playing with this thing for the first time. I’ve laid him under it before but I just got grunting and “I feel lonely” whimpers. Today he was totally amused by these hanging animals and tried to reach for the giraffe. I must admit that even though I am sleep deprived and therefore a total zombie I just love this baby stage. His little grins just melt my heart.

Our Not-So-Little Man

We took Bennett to the doctors this week. He is 7 weeks and weighed in at 14 pounds! I think most of it is in the cheeks. I’m surprised he is able to hold his head up so well with those babies weighing him down! He is such a sweet baby. He is really talking to us (mostly in coo’s and grunts) and brightens up when he hears his big sisters voice.